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Commercial roofing is a complex industry, with an assortment of manufacturers and technologies. Division 7 offers unmatched access to the entire market. We partner with building owners, architects, construction managers and general contractors from roof system design to installation and on-going service. Our value is our experience – we help stakeholders understand the benefits and hindrances of different systems to make well informed decisions.



Learn about the available roof systems, technologies, and application methods that Division 7 employs to drive their reputation of reliability.

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The bottom line is top of mind.

In today's economic environment, building owners and their representatives must consider the total value of a roof system. Federal tax guidance generally requires commercial roof systems to be depreciated over a period of 39 years, yet the average life of a roof system in North America is 16 years. Bridging this gap requires unbiased experience across multiple membrane technologies and manufacturers. Division 7's focus on both economics and long-term performance provides stakeholders with options that maximize value.