Membrane Systems

Membrane systems are based on flexible sheets of synthetic materials which can be attached to a structure mechanically with fasteners, fully adhered with industrial adhesives, or ballasted with stone. These systems work across a variety of new construction requirements while offering the flexibility to be applied over top of existing roof systems that are failing or nearing failure. With broad options for durability, reflectivity, and installation, membrane systems are the fastest growing category of commercial roofing products on the market.

TPO Membranes

Thermoplastic polyolefin


Known for adaptability to varying installation requirements, TPO provides an economic advantage over other systems when installation must occur in climates or seasons outside of adhesive tolerances and mechanical attachment is necessary.

EPDM Membranes

ethylENE propylene diene


EPDM membrane is one of the most tested synthetics in commercial roofing applications, with proven resistance to extreme temperate ranges, high winds and hail. Ideal for installation when aesthetics are important to owners or designers, EPDM offers time tested long-term performance. 

PVC Membranes

Polyvinyl chloride


PVC systems are preferred in high-traffic environments and when light reflectivity is paramount to green initiatives. This class of membrane offers high durability and resistance to chemicals, grease and punctures, making it well suited for buildings where maintenance and changes to a large volume of roof top units is common.