Roof Assessments

This complimentary analysis includes comprehensive inspection of existing structures, membrane condition, core samples, flashings, wall copings, edge metal, gutters and drains. Complimentary assessments can be used to gain insight on remaining service life, type of roof system, recommended maintenance, establishing roof area square footage and estimating repair costs.

For insurance assessments or real estate purchases, or to develop budgets for capital improvements based on multiple roof system options, Division 7 offers a $250.00 flat-fee inspection that includes the following reports:

  • Roof perimeter drawings and dimensions with penetrations and roof top units
  • Verification and retrieval of any active manufacturer warranty contracts
  • Detailed analysis of whether overlay or tear-off replacement is required
  • Identification of existing insulation efficacy and estimated R-value
  • Infrared or capacitance moisture survey to retain usable roof assemblies
  • Detailed breakdown of benefits and hindrances of various roof system options
  • Project cost modeling against multiple membrane roof systems
  • Cost modeling of alternative roof systems and insulation options 
  • Credit of inspection fee towards any future repair service or roof system